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Friend, the world is hard
Countryman, the world is really hard
Brother, the world is very hard
Where problems are stable mountain

They take guns
Loaded with bullets
Around their neck and waist
With knives in a purse

The sun is early this morning
Calling on you to begin your work
You might be tired but what else
Can you do than to wake up

I gave you all I have
What do I have?
My heart, a virgin heart
The only thing I can give

I made you a queen
You never wanted it
I saw you again
playing with the dogs

Things does not get better overnight
Neither loving someone is so simple
But loving you is a chance that came overnight
I have dedicated my life to doing good

We have lived a life
Of bloom in the past
What binds us together
Is our hope of everlasting life

Love is when so many followers
Can follow you on twitter
But if that one special person follows you, you are famous
Than the whole world following you

With my little car
I travelled a long distance from home
Not telling anybody, I moved on
Just to find what nature has in store for me

I miss you day and night
The cold wind blowing outside
Makes sleeping outside unbearable

You little creature
You dine in a well nourished
Place of my body
I knew you were boneless

Gone were the days when green grass
Were succulent in the mouth of a lamb
People seeks for greener pasture
Today leaves are dryer than

In one of the busy days
A group of women came to worry me
I did not mind them
One of the women asked?

The family will forever remember
This day, a sunny morning
The family have gathered
The music is playing


There is a man behind
That comfortable desk
His name is Festus
He represent the governor here

From the east comes a hurrying clouds
The young ones join the mature ones
Soon they become a unified body
It looks like a fierce lioness

It is wet from the heavy rains
That killed all the family members
The big oak tree has fallen
From the rocking lightning

Had I become a musician
You will always hear your name in my song
And would have been my album title
Had I become TV or radio presenter

Somewhere in the arctic
Lies a stranded ship
Their last prayer is heard
And their last meal is shared

The early sunrise is heart-warming
It makes me feel like I'm flying without wings
I have enjoyed beaching with you
Today is one of the days we often

Duku Akwasi Odwaa Boffour Biography

A mathematic teacher with the Ghana Education Service at Ahafo-Ano South District of Ashanti Region.)

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Friend, the world is hard
Countryman, the world is really hard
Brother, the world is very hard
Where problems are stable mountain
In the middle of a long journey

Friend, don't forget problems
That shines the day is greater
Than the rains in a month
But the blessings
Mightier than the the blue blue ocean

Countryman, tell the sons of my father
The womb from which I came from
That I bury the dead alone
Because of my Faith

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when the hunter sleeps at night the animals in the bush make merry

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