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Do You Really Love Me?

She say she really love me,
when your lost in emotions so thugly,
that's firing slugs in me till the clip's empty,
can't she see how much she meant 2 me.

It Doesn'T Matter The Color Of Your Skin

it doesn't matter the color of your skin
what matters is your mentality
until you learn this actually
you'll be a shallow person

Lament Of A Soulja

Let this be a lament of a soulja
who's sick of the planet getting colda
can't lay his weary head on anyone's shoulda
i told ya he's a soulja fighting his own war

Look At This Pitcher

Look at this pitcher
Once so full of liquid

That stirred and painted a perfect picture

A Rose In Full Bloom

Every woman has her flaws
I guess yours is dropping jaws
When you enter the room,
so beautiful yes it's true

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Hope you enjoy my poetry.

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