Edasseri Govindan Nair Poems

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The Shepherd Of King Bimbisaran

I too had a mother
When a King bought me, a slave,
She was given a price, a few coins
She tied them to my apron-strings

Wind And Light

O Weakness!
When Thou attains motherhood
Even the arch enemies are there
Not to kill, but to swing the cradle

Wedding Gift

Obscure lies the green pond
Slime coated dark.
Like a place in ruin tragic
Under the moss of sad neglect.

A Letter

No debt bothers me now
No balance left for
Tomorrow's shopping either
The thief will sneer at me

The Cooking Pot And The Sickle

Who in the last season had sown
The Aryan seeds in this field with love?
When the hot sun of March burned
Rain - fire above, red embers below,

When Philosophies Sleep

'Everything is fate'
That was father's faith;
He had nothing to do but wait.

Flower In Worship

No place for weeping in the flow of Time,
It is not for weeping over, you gave us riches.

Light, Water, Air, Heaven and Hade,
Countless solar systems-all thy playthings

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