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I'Ve Killed A Man

Have you killed a man,
I've killed a man,
I've killed a man of many,
But not with my hand.

Broken Hearts

Love may come,
Love may go,
As all of you may know,
Love hurts.

Explain Whats In My Heart

Its not like I can't explain whats in heart,
But I get this sharp feeling when were apart,
It's almost like someone is throwing a dart,
And directly at my heart.

Alone In The Dark

Running fast i can,
To get where is home,
Before darkness hits,
Before the inevitable gets.

They Gone Hate It. Will You Hate It?

They gone hate it,
When this good boy goes bad,
When happy turns mad,
When friendly is no longer friendly.

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Is 16yrs old
Ages slowly
Do you believe in Ninjas
reads minds
huffman high school right now

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