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My friend,

You make me feel like a poet, like a rose in a garden filled with sunflowers. Alone for a short while until we meet again on the shore at sun rise. You and me, together again sitting up against the palm tree. You start to stare at me as I stare out into sea. I'm thinking of you, thinking about how life would be if it was just me and you on this earth. You ask me what's wrong, I say it's nothing. I know that bothers you, and I know I lied but how can I tell you the truth? It's too hard. I'm too late. You're already with someone else. Someone I hate. You say that you are in love, but are you really? I know I am. There's something I've been holding back, waiting for the right time. You say there is no right time, only here and now. But as the saying goes, 'There is always a time and place for everything' that is what I go by. Now is the right time, maybe not the right place but, how else can I get to you? After all this time it's been too late. But now I've learned, it's never too late. So I must say it. I must tell you how I feel... I love you. I always have and I always will love you. So now I must say goodbye. Goodbye my love, I will meet you at sunrise. 

January 15,2009

Last night was the last night I had seen my loving grandmother... I miss her like the flowers miss the sun and their water... I know deep down I can get through this without going crazy. My grandmother was the best, not next to the best, the BEST... I now know that my grandmother isn't coming home today, but to a better place than here... She is now without pain and suffering, she is happy seeing all her loved ones in one place that have passed before her... Watching her being taken off life support was terrible to bare... Writing this is harder than I thought, because now I'm left with only a few words to say with all of my heart: I love you granny, forever, always- Eden.

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Well, hi. I like to write alot and draw. I want to be an artist when I grow up, and deal with computers. I like to write fiction things, and some songs. I'm not 100% great. But I try to write out my life and my feelings about the world and the people around me. I'm not that smart, I have a 3.57 GPA, which surprises me. I play softball,10 years, going on 11. I hope to get my ideas and writings out into the world to show people what I'm all about.)

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A Part Of My Heart

seeing her in the summer air, her eyes shining in the summer sun. she stands in lonleyness in the middle of a road, crying so much it starts to rain. she feels the rain onto her skin, and starts to dance around like a little kid. she stops and turns torward me, and my thought was 'this is it she finally noticed thee! ' she started to walk my way, then ran. once she got close, she stoped so quick in her tracks, she almost ran into me. she stared at me as if i've been invisible and just appeared out of thin air. Its raining hard on top of us, i reach my hand out torward her for a shake with a 'hello what is your name? ', once are hands meet the rain starts to fade. she had stopped crying and the night turned to day. I saw her like i would watch the sun rise from the darkness of night. she is and will always forever will be, a part of my heart.

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