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Biography as a Poet
Eden Soriano Trinidad was born in Philippines.
A License Professional Teacher.

In 1991- She pioneered the establishment of a mission school and currently the School Director of that school, Registered as Lucio Abrigo Memorial Learning Center, Inc.

Her 1st Poetry Book titled " EDEN BLOOMS" is a collection of her own c ...

Eden Trinidad Poems

We Could Have Walked Again Like Before

We could have walked again like before

Nothing matters except you and me
Holding hands while walking

How To Fall Out Of Love

How to fall out of love!
When I long to see you again,
Like butterflies unhampered to dwell in every pestle
My heart longs for your gentle feel.

Don't Burn The Bridge

Electrifying kindness and adoration
Sweetness like coated almond chocolates
Mouthwatering blueberry cheesecakes
Trust built on daily chats and video calls

The Pangs Of Humanity

Men are created in God's very image
But how come this beautiful creation became evil?
Men turned into murderers, robbers, rapist and uncivil.
It all began from the garden of Eden

The Hand Of Time

Wives cries, "you have no time for me".
Mom's says, "you have no time for our family".
Kids shout out, "you have no time for us".
Self-retorts, "I have no time for me".

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