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Those Spoken Words

Oh, how often we tend to say
To ourselves in a quiet way
"Please Lord, make this a better day
Give me strength, love and words to pray".

Graduate: A Word To The Wise

Look not so much upon the world you leave behind,
Except, remember it's the steps upon which you climbed;
Languish not so much upon the glory that you bask in now,
Except, ponder enthusiastically with a purpose and a vow;

Window Of My Thoughts

I stared and stared past the window, deeply immersed in thought,
Listening to the dripping of rain the vented clouds had wrought.
Rain gently tapping on the window with its streamlets to the sill,
Transformed my mood imperceptibly from pensive to tranquil.

The Towering Pines Of Barryville

Tall are the pines of Barryville which many years have grown
Some stand in clusters and some stand alone
All awesomely erect like sentinels on guard
With arms that are poised to the command of God.

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