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I poem hunters, you guys have another friendly friend called Mariam popularly known as emy, she is from Nigeria like she is an African, she is a writer, poet, graphic designer, she is a very nice and mild girl, she is also an extrovert and love writing, presenting and like learning from others. And she says “nice meeting you, love you all”.

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11 August 2018

' I am somewhere between giving up and seeing how much i can take' Egbebi Mariam

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nice poet well i am that small boy with laptop in standard computer cool poet keep it up

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nice poet keep it up

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The Best Poem Of Egbebi Mariam



I woke up in the delightful morning,
With so much aspirations and hopes,
Feeling very happy, but something made me curious,
Work, Work, today again,

Thinking of how today will be at work,
Thinking about the struggles am gonna pass through at work,
Thinking about the queries am gonna hear at work,
But, I feel depressed by the correction am gonna see at work,
Which I will learn from it,

The Boss complains and queries,
The customers complain,
Customers' re-directions,
Work Work,

Suddenly, something came to my mind,
The Fun am gonna see at work which makes me very happy,
The love people will give or show to me,
The moral that I will learn,
The playful play I will see which will entertain me,

Do you love your work?

Egbebi Mariam Popularity

Egbebi Mariam Popularity

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