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Soft waters lapping the shores
souls sitting
minds moulded
hearts together

Strong Man Black

I wonder if the black man understands that
He is not

In today's world we all want to be secure
yet what is this thing called security?

I write
You read!

I write you


The greatness of a particular country lies not

Good Night My Brother

Good Night my dear brother.
It seems that is all I can say



Let go and Let God.


Church must be relevant
It must be practical

Tyres screech
as the sliver grey car
ground to a halt

The Musician

You have got to hear it
When you write

Who is a Mother?

A mother is someone



Today I saw a bird fly by
And I longed to be free

Unrequited Love

Sometimes I wonder why I go on loving you
This way…



Clear and Crisp


Poetry is an expression from within.
It cannot be forced but rather must flow naturally.
Poetry is a talent.

I watched the circles move from a mysterious source
on yellow painted walls.
I turned to see what could cause this dance of lights and
noticed it was the sunlight peeping through the leaves of the orange tree that near towered over my window.


I pray our work find wings and whisper its sentiment
in the ears of those; those who need to hear.

I pray our work find wings and it will transcend language, culture, creed and be as the breath that we inhale and exhale.

My husband could play no other instrument
But the cello.
His melancholic soul

A We Dis

Self-Determination is Key!

The Unforgettable Dream

It was dark.
It felt the stillness of the room.

Elaine Oxamendi Vicet Biography

PROFILE Elaine Oxamendi Vicet: a trained public relations practitioner with over fifteen (15) years experience in both Public Relations and Human Resources within the corporate and tourism sectors. I am a graduate of the University of the West Indies with Economics and History at the baccalaureate level and Communications in the masters’ programme. I am a holder of a post-graduate diploma in Marketing from Florida International University, and I have several post graduate studies in human resources and training and development. I am currently registered for doctoral studies in psychology. I am a former Newsline 6 commentator with Radio Jamaica Limited (RJR) and a contributor to the Sunday Outlook Magazine, Gleaner. I have been recognized internationally for my pursuits in poetry having been nominated as Poet of Merit by the International Poets Award Society,1994 from the National Library Association, Washington, U.S.A.; I am also a recipient of several Festival of Merit Awards,1996 in Jamaica. I am a certified trainer for the National Training Vocational Education Training Centre (NCTVET) and a certified assessor for H.E.A.R.T. Additionally, I am affiliated to the Jamaica Customer Service Association in Jamaica and WiLDE Foundation; a UK based Literary Arts Association. I have also published a CD of poetry entitled “Faice Inside Out” and I am currently conducting research for a public relations academic text for which I am the principal author.I am currently employed as an Assistant Professor at one of the university's here in Jamaica. I am married to Jose Carlos, a classically trained cellist.)

The Best Poem Of Elaine Oxamendi Vicet

In Puerto Rico

Soft waters lapping the shores
souls sitting
minds moulded
hearts together

Quietly speaks the one voice
Quietly speaks, as hearts respond.

Birds fly
A swimmer in the distance
Activity everywhere
Yet a still quiet moment is shared.

Little talk
spontaneous little nothing laughs
Arms circle
Comfort, warmth, abundance of care.

Dusk falls
the afternoon now spent
Skies grow grey
the waves edge closer
Less activity everywhere.

Hearts still pound.
Arms still circle.
Comfort, warmth, abundance of care.

Gentle pounding
beats the tempo of love.

Rise, its time to go.
Night now falls
the evening now spent.

Souls move
minds moulded
hearts together
care and love is there.
Arms circle
heads gently touch
hands hold
as feet move.
Love and care is there!

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Elaine Oxamendi Vicet Popularity

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