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A Father's Advice

To be what makes a difference
In all we know to be
Is something of significance
And as yet we have to see

One Last Second

One last second is all that I ask
Albeit the years have passed like the
swarms and flocks and schools and tribes
in numbers as great as the pain I have.

What Follows

We walked this day downtrodden
as asphalt and pitiless penny
what justice there is in violence,
I know not,

Ode To An Angel

(God's words to a newly created angel)

Seedling, born of light's majestic sproute
Of love's unconditional, unending hum

Taker Of The Weak, The

There are sand-dunes surrounding my dream-castle
And e'ery wind spills the dust into my cool chambers
The ones I hold dear seem to have cracks in the rock
Solid walls I have built with the years

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I grew up in South-Africa and, heaven knows, I'm still growing. I find poetry to be a canvass of the mind where I can 'paint' my ideas and release my feelings to the world. This also allows me to revisit past ideas and wisdom; I adore my own poems for their vast differences. I am very eccentric and as time passes my thoughts and perspective on life ...

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