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I long to communicate with you
my days are long
My nights
Seem longer

I inhale your eyes
Through pores of aching glances
To satiate these hollowed bones
Devoid of joy with those diamonds

For Santos The Punta Queen

Roomba room...
Javelins pulsating,

The open door
Between night and day
From the apparent to the transparent
Etheral to surreal to

The poet writes
With fleeting heart
And bleeding pain
Of bleating love


You sleep
The eternal sleep
In the silent world
Of the twilight zone

While I disclose this cloud of words
I perspired the oceans
And gathered their waves
In my loins of quiksilver


The treachery of kin
Lies dormant
As a slumbering babe

i want to be, like that. 
like everything the ego of my eye tastes 
i want to be like you,
 like them,

tendzr child, while i  dhrank a cold beer you lay dying.
agonizing humbly,  quietly looking into mamas helpless eyes,  
as i laughed and drank my cold beers.
she smelled death lurking in your inyour bones as your gaze melted stars,

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lover of history, people, [ 'i am the song of my tribes, the unsung melody of the castaways].)

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I long to communicate with you
my days are long
My nights
Seem longer
The weeks
Creep by my solitude
Months seem an eternity
The years interminable
My skin aches
From the absence of your heat

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