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Deep beneath my skin, lives my opposite twin.
As I smile at everyone, she pulls out a gun.
When I tell you I'm fine, she cuts my lifeline.
I will laugh all day, and hope she will stray.

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I have many poems that are stored in many journals, and I only share a few of the poems online. Elizabeth Bloomfield is not my actual name, since all of my poems are very personal and I do not want people to know who I am in person. Other than that, I hope that people will relate to my poems. Writing is one of my ways in escaping negative emotions.)

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It's the inside boil, that's darker than the soil. It turns red and hot, and turns the heart into a knot. It unleashes the tongue, and everything said is wrong. It thrives to escape, and collects the anger like tape. It can be heard from far away, but nobody wants It to stay. It haunts me when I have no peace, and It leaves me at no ease. Please send me help whenever I yelp! For I know my strength is not found here, rather in heaven, which feels so near.

-March or April 2013-

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Elizabeth Bloomfield Popularity

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