Elizabeth Oakes Smith

(1806 - 1893)

Elizabeth Oakes Smith Poems

1. The Acorn 5/25/2016
2. The Unattained 5/25/2016
3. The Sinless Child Part 3 5/25/2016
4. The Sinless Child Part 6 5/25/2016
5. The Sinless Child Introduction 5/25/2016
6. The Sinless Child Part 1 5/25/2016
7. The Sinless Child Part 7 5/25/2016
8. Childhood 5/25/2016
9. The Sinless Child Part 5 5/25/2016
10. The Amaranth 5/25/2016
11. Unattained 5/25/2016
12. Poesy 5/25/2016
13. A Dream 5/25/2016
14. The Bard 5/25/2016
15. The Drowned Mariner 5/25/2016
16. Progression 5/25/2016
17. Old Age 5/25/2016
18. To Portland 5/25/2016
19. Manhood 5/25/2016
20. Religion 5/25/2016
21. An Incident 5/25/2016
22. Youth 5/25/2016
23. Annihilation 5/25/2016
24. The Sinless Child Part 2 5/25/2016
25. The Sinless Child Part 4 5/25/2016
26. A Summer Morning Picture 5/25/2016
27. To the Hudson 6/17/2015
28. The Same Old Song 5/25/2016

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Best Poem of Elizabeth Oakes Smith

To the Hudson

O RIVER! gently as a wayward child
I saw thee mid the moonlight hills at rest;
Capricious thing, with thine own beauty wild,
How didst thou still the throbbings of thy breast!
Rude headlands were about thee, stooping round,
As if amid the hills to hold thy stay;
But thou didst hear the far-off ocean sound
Inviting thee from hill and vale away,
To mingle thy deep waters with its own;
And, at that voice, thy steps did onward glide,
Onward from echoing hill and valley lone.
Like thine, oh, be my course- nor turned aside,
While listening to the soundings of a ...

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The Unattained

And is this life? and are we born for this?
To follow phantoms that elude the grasp,
Or whatso'er's secured, within our clasp,
To withering lie, as if each mortal kiss
Were doomed death's shuddering touch alone to meet.
O Life! has thou reserved no cup of bliss?
Must still THE UNATTAINED beguile our feet?
The UNATTAINED with yearnings fill the breast,
That rob, for aye, the spirit of its rest?

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