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Sims: The Game

In some ways it's Life Real Life
in some ways Yes in some ways No


My name in the black air, called out in the early morning.
A premonition dreamed: waking, I beheld a future of mourning.

Waving Goodbye

The world bends us to its purpose.
In the public gardens, we found
a "gazing globe" balanced
on a waist-high pedestal,

Unsung Song

The world changed.
Books disappeared, replaced
by glowing screens.
Poems that mattered once

Letter From Swan's Island

The island's dark tonight.
The radio crackles with static, news
of a blackout, the voice
coming through first loud, then soft,

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Elizabeth Spires (born 1952 Lancaster, Ohio) is an American poet.
She was raised in Circleville. She graduated from Vassar College and Johns Hopkins University.
Her poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, American Poetry Review, The New Criterion, The Paris Review, and many other literary magazines and anthologies, She lives in Baltimore w ...

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