Ellis Letterman Poems

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And So The Rose Is Trampled

Her hand around the back of my neck, fingers in my hair. I belong here, in her arms, warm breath against my mouth.

The shame sets in tomorrow, years of purity screaming in my mind against all they taught me was wrong. Tonight it's only us, no fear, no guilt. I'll ask "is this okay", and I think "this is so easy, so right."


I've played the game; I know the rules
You win some and you lose

Though ten were saved, just one remained

White Jesus, Blond Wisemen

You say you love everyone, but you don't love anyone
But your own damn reflection
Stained glass to glass pulpit
You're different and not to blame


Spend your whole life avoiding the wrath of your loving God

If I am damned for being lukewarm, I've already been damned for a long time

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