Emil Cerda Poems

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I Believed In You

The Snake And The Owner Of The Circus

A fan came to me and said: "Emil, how do you get out of the bad comments unharmed? " To which I replied:

«Once upon a time there was a snake from Equatorial New Guinea, juggling a circus; One day, the owner fired her because "supposedly" she had bitten one of her interlocutors. The snake tried to defend itself by saying that it had not done so, however, it did not work out. A month later, the snake got a job at a magic and party products store; the owner of the circus where the snake worked, entered, and without realizing that the snake was working in that place, he asked for leeches and left the establishment. What nobody knows is that the owner bought leeches to put them under the seats of the spectators, and that they bite the spectators, and fire one by one of their employees from the circus just because, And so, entering new personnel because, consequently, they had "bad acts"».


"When the notifications of your heart arrive to me, then I will post your body.

"Since I have enough walls to become the Kangaroo, and put color the state of your thighs.

Don't Choose Me, I Don't Know How To Love, Mine Is...

"Then, the feelings leave: Like the Afternoons, the Owl and the Greetings.

Ink And Drawings Of A Troubadour

"Just as there are thousands of species in the Sea, so life is unknown, not because we don't know who they are, but because we don't know who we are.

"In the foolish sentiment of a ruffian, there is my attitude. Drunk with nostalgia, even the Moon laughs at me.

Tears Of Darkness


A Thousand Proposals

"The brunette of the corner is still beautiful,
And the Grocery store opens their doors,
The consort invites me to take a cold.
And there passed the serendipity of chance.

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