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I try to understand
why you look at her that why
why when you talk
about her

I see him smile
Grinning at another girl
I don’t want to
But I have to turn quickly


We talk
But you’re embarrassed
Of me
Around other

i want
to tell you
i love you


life will go on
No matter
What they say

I couldn't spot you
in a crowd
I don't know
your name

I hate that you feel
that way
the way i used to
that everyone is lying

The high of highs
being with
my girls

I decided
He isn't worth it
I will not ever

You make me smile
I try to think of you
In 'that' way
But I love you so much

It isn't just for fun.
It isn't something you do purely
because you enjoy it

I hated it
But now
I have come to love this place
I love the people

How do I spend
Wrong Question
How did i only

Once you've jumped
You fall
Plummet into darkness
You reach for something to grab

I am the sun,
Shining for all to see,
Always striving to be better.
I am a wooden gate

I haven't been the best
That I can possibly be.
I'm sorry to disappoint,
but i was only being me.

I can't believe I fell for you
Its hard to describe
how much i wanted you close to me.
Now I look at you

i feel like I could sing
a smile's on my face
living life in the moment
there's no time to waste.


I feel like the world is turned against me
Including my so called best friend
She keeps it from me
Or she tries


Little Fingers
Little Toes
Little Socks

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I try to understand
why you look at her that why
why when you talk
about her
there's something joyful
on your face.
You want to be with her
I just can't see why.
i know shes bubbly
I know shes fun
I also know shes fake.

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