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I have lived in all over this rock. I really enjoy the slam poetry scene.

If you write it, they may read it, if you read it they will hear it, but if performed well they will understand it...

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Why Ask Why?

“Why did she do it? ”
They all want to know
I have a shameful confession
I don’t really care

(lbb) Man Created The Poem

In the beginning Man created the poem
And it was good

In the end Man saw what he had done

Don'T Waste Time

For good or bad
All things work out
No matter what we do, don’t do
No matter if we do, don’t do

Don'T Cross The Street, Run With Traffic

I have never thought
How it would feel
To run a razor perpendicular to the vein
Cause only weak attention thirsty wanna-bees do it that way

Now That I Am Gone (Three Haikus)

Some make it real hard
To not care about them and
Some make it real easy

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