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Growing up in Canada I can remember from an early age always having a love for writing poetry and stories. I guess I just enjoy being creative.

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Holding The Sunlight

Up above my head
I hold my arms up high
With the sunlight in my hands

My Cat

It's nice to hold my cat in my arms.
I like to feel its soft fur against my face.
I like to hear my cat purring
I like to rub noses with my cat

Music Paints The World

In every town and city small and large there is a music vibe with its inhabitants
Some music is inspiring, some music is depressing while other music is exciting
Angry music is red as red as blood dripping down your skin
Depressing music is navy blue like rain falling from the sky

A Love Song

Music speaks to me
like words never can

Music brings on

Inspiration Dream

At night
When I am asleep
I dream so many things
That are inspiring

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