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My Africa,
a monument from God
his archi-tectural piece
on pillers of golden block

Far beyond my eyes,
above the many lies
or truth if i must sigh
i see the heavens cry.

And i go to the wilderness
with a heart of bitterness

beyond the tarred roads

To one beyond the sky
to one that hear my sigh
for sure you never cry
that's why my patience try

I treated her with faith
it was our happy fate
not bones on gobblins plate
but sweet to my palate

Crowned with thorns in place of insight
Subdued and cursed with empty delight
The knowledge they sell is far from the light
Chained by norms with no will to fight


Sex is good, sex is delicious
Sex is confusing and can destroy decisions
Sex can be cruel, sex can be vicious
Sex is a faith that transcends religions

A song in married home
like tiddens in the blue
the turn of lively hope
the marriage creed they blew

Some will blaze and burn with ease
some will glow but not in peace
some are torn and flame will seize
splendid hold on mantle torch

And off your cloths you silly brath
you good for nothing stinking rat
i knew i trailed your dirty path
now who will seal heavy fart

We no send at all
wether the world dey bend
even we dey crawl
we must to reach the end


The hero or the valiant
who rules the parliament?
everyone has a point
even at the war front

Poundering hearts wont seize
for fear is crawling in
like feel of tender berley
on the morning dew.

Thanks to Abraham Lincoln
Once possed a faiure icon
but, now in every nation
his democratic motion.

Beyond the rays of the sun
behind the shadows of the moon
in all the ferries of your gloom
lies the angel that calls you son

The showers of tears
dropping from the purple sky
where all the mysteries lie
where pain and hunger

Though i left here
no words for my dear
with tears and fear
hoping for a cheer

The reeds were better boats
till when the oceans sink
look me in the face
and tell me that you know

O love,
who are you.
now i look at you
but how can i find you

How late to realise
the worth of golden roses
who stood before my eyes
two a many years.

Emmanuel Odum Biography

Born in the late 80's to the family of Mr. Ferdinand. He is the first son among five boys and a girl and hails from Enugu state in Nigeria. He went through the educational system from kindergarten through High school and was science inclined. His love for poetry came after he graduated from high school.He wrote a lot but wasn't confident about his writing until he met Samuel Nze who nurtured and encouraged him to keep it up. Poetry has been his passion ever since. Though he is a rising soloist RnB and Rap singer spiced with contemporary Afro genre, poetry still remains his favorite past time.)

The Best Poem Of Emmanuel Odum

My Africa

My Africa,
a monument from God
his archi-tectural piece
on pillers of golden block
built in shapely ease
the scape of my Africa

My Africa,
tended by the seas
her tender loving green
with oceans like the breeze
all living to the brim
sweet bio, my Africa

My Africa,
you bear the geniune black
her wide and curly hair
new love you never lack
at every step you dare
you're outstanding, my Africa.

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i am Buterflyluv 19 January 2008

That was beautifully written, very expressive

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Emmanuel Odum Popularity

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