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Making Choices

Life is about making choices
Success flows from right choices
Doing the right things
Doing them always right

My Ideal Man

A man of 360 degrees personality.
A man of many colours.
A man of many souls,
Suited for every single season,

Do Your Very Best

In everything
At every time
At everywhere
Just do your very best.

You Really Used Me

You declared you loved me
Your behaviour affirmed love for me
I invested my trust in you
For I believed you deserve it

How Foolish We Were

We were sent to school to learn.
To learn and prepare for the future
Future as bright as the stars
Stars that will light every home

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Friski 11 January 2018

Good one

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graduate of University of Cape Coast, Ghana.
post-graduate studies at University of Durban-Westville RSA

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