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Emotions Brown Poems

1. Monster 2/9/2010
2. My Mistake 2/9/2010
3. Thank You 2/9/2010
4. Big Brother 2/9/2010
5. Suicide 2/10/2010
6. My Death 2/10/2010
7. The Familiar Stranger 2/10/2010
8. Friends 2/10/2010
9. Little Angel 2/10/2010
10. Letter To Him 2/10/2010
11. Unknown 2/10/2010
12. My Wish 2/10/2010
13. Little Brother 2/10/2010
14. There Was A Time 2/9/2010
15. Untitled 2/9/2010
16. I Hate You 2/9/2010
17. Our Story 2/9/2010
18. One Day 2/9/2010
19. Walk Away 2/9/2010
20. Tell Me 2/9/2010
21. Who You Really Are 2/9/2010
22. Every Girl 2/9/2010

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Who You Really Are

It took sometime for me to see the person you really are.
My heart clouded my mind for so long that I didnt realize the pain and the embarressment you caused me.
You never cared for me the way I cared for you.
You never opened your heart to me and you never believed I was the one.
You walked all over me, but I was just too blind to see it.

I thought you would haunt me forever, but I can finally see clearly.
Your not the man I thought you were, your not even a nice person.
One day your going to look back and think of me and I pray you will feel and ounce of regret for ...

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Tell Me

When I look at you and our eyes meet I know you feel it too.
The butterflies deep in your stomach, a strong force keeping you from looking away.
Please tell me you feel it too.
You have to feel it.
Many years have passed since there was a you and me.
Tell me you miss the times we spent together.
You have to tell me.
Do you ever just sit and think of what we had?
Do you ever wonder what went so wrong?

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