Francis Duggan English Poems

English David

David may never more see an English Spring
And in the grove near his old home hear a male robin sing
When the hawthorns are cloaked in their white blossoms of May
The good memories of what was are with him today

English Jim

With ten great grandchildren old Jim balding and gray
Says i don't care much where my last remains will lay
In my early eighties i have known of a better day
The one with the scythe of death will soon come reaping my way

English Jan

She still has her English accent the one known as English Jan
And she never was a mother nor a wife to any man
She ages without dyes or makeups her hair is silver gray
But do not say about her she has known a better day.

I Like The English

The invaders had bigger army and better guns
And Irish mothers left to weep for murdered sons
I like the English people as a race
But what some of their ancestors did in Ireland a disgrace.

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