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Eric Micha'el Leventhal Poems

1. Poem For Asherah 5/5/2014
2. The Tale Of The Green Dragons 5/5/2014
3. If You Were To Awaken 5/5/2014
4. Our Minds See Two Where There Is One 5/5/2014
5. You Are Blessed 5/5/2014
6. Haiku #1 5/5/2014
7. Haiku #2 5/5/2014
8. A Lesson From The Void 5/5/2014
9. We Lovers Of Truth 5/5/2014
10. Haiku #3 5/5/2014
11. If I Were You 5/5/2014
12. Reflections Of A Traveller 5/5/2014
13. Haiku #4 7/30/2014
14. Haiku #5 4/23/2016
15. Haiku #6 4/23/2016
16. Ouroboros (Haiku) 10/26/2016
17. Perception Is The Vessel 5/5/2014
18. Both Hands 5/5/2014
19. Gnosis 5/5/2014
20. The Second Sound 5/5/2014

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Best Poem of Eric Micha'el Leventhal

The Second Sound

For as long as anyone could remember,
there had been a legend among the people,
telling of a group of immortal warriors
who lived in a forbidden temple
far from the great city.

One day in the life of men,
a group of the city's most powerful warriors
decided they could no longer bear the shame of knowing
that there existed warriors more fearless than they.
They decided they would challenge these immortal warriors
and become themselves the gods of their people.

So they journeyed to the place of the temple
and gathered round its massive stone walls, ...

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Both Hands

Many of us find it difficult to believe
that events are always conspiring
to deliver to us the object of our deepest desire.

Somehow, rather,
we have come to both accept and expect
that we cannot always get what we want,
that it is in the nature of Life, our mother,
to provide for our needs with one hand

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