Ernest G Moll

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Ernest Moll was born in Murtoa, Victoria, on 25 August 1900 and moved to Strathdown, Gerogery, New South Wales in 1909. From 1913-18 he attended Concordia College, Adelaide and at the age of 20 moved to the United States for study, graduating Bachelor of Arts, Lawrence College in 1922 and Master of
Arts, Harvard University in 1923.

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Ernest G Moll Poems

Farm Scene

They come each morning to the gate,
are milked and wander off to feed;
six cows, a calf and in the lead
a brindled bull, old, fat sedate.


I should have known, when I undid his chain,
That darkness had been busy at his brain
As at an anvil, sharpening a fang.

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