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i don't know the truth of me sometimes iam romantic and dreamy, but sometimes iam full of pain and despair
you can sense that in my poems

Eslam Shawky Poems

Last Dance

Iam gaining sadness of my desperate nights
I keep on fading and my life is out of lights
Iam under siege by my worst fears
And i'm hearing only the sound of tears

Reason Of My Life

I wake up every night
To find that you are not there
I am lonely without you
I feel my soul is bare

At The World's End

At the world's end
where I am so alone
where the love is nothing
and the innocence is gone

The Absolute Love

When I am no longer awake
When I can’t give or take
When my mind blanks out for hours
And my hands start to shake

The Prison Of Your Love

Don't go and leave me here
Surrounded by my worst fears
I hate to stay alone
I hate to find you are gone

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