Ethelwyn Wetherald

(26 April 1857 - 9 March 1940 / Rockwood, Ontario)

Ethelwyn Wetherald Poems

1. Pluck 9/16/2010
2. The Followers 9/16/2010
3. The Song Sparrow's Nest 9/16/2010
4. Absence 9/16/2010
5. At Waking 9/16/2010
6. February 9/16/2010
7. Legacies 9/16/2010
8. The Wind Of Death 9/16/2010
9. My Orders 9/16/2010
10. The House Of The Trees 9/16/2010
11. The Screech-Owl 9/16/2010
12. If One Might Live 9/16/2010
13. In The Crowd 9/16/2010
14. Earth's Silences 9/16/2010
15. Mother And Child 9/16/2010
16. Prodigal Yet 9/16/2010
17. The Indigo Bird 9/16/2010
18. Winter 9/16/2010
19. The Hay Field 9/16/2010
20. The Snow Storm 9/16/2010
Best Poem of Ethelwyn Wetherald

The Snow Storm

The Great soft downy snow storm like a cloak
Descends to wrap the lean world head to feet;
It gives the dead another winding sheet,
It buries all the roofs until the smoke
Seems like a soul that from its clay has broke.
It broods moon-like upon the Autumn wheat,
And visits all the trees in their retreat
To hood and mantle that poor shivering folk.
With wintry bloom it fills the harshest grooves
In jagged pine stump fences. Every sound
It hushes to the footstep of a nun.
Sweet Charity! that brightens where it moves
Inducing darkest bits of ...

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Earth's Silences

How dear to hearts by hurtful noises scarred
In the stillness of the many-leavèd trees,
The quiet of green hills, the million-starred
Tranquillity of night, the endless seas
Of silence in deep wilds, where nature broods
In large, serene, uninterrupted moods.
Oh, but to work as orchards work–bring forth
Pink bloom, green bud, red fruit and yellow leaf,
As noiselessly as gold proclaims its worth,

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