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When I first saw you
All I could do was giggle
Is this for real, or a dream?
Does the colour beige mean anything?

A young mother one day,
Knelt by her son's bedside
The doctor told her that he would likely die,
The little body was so still lying in that bed

I have found friends, friends who care,
They live the whole world over.
Women who love life,
Women who are strong,

A letter from my sister
Says 'I am your sister'-
'That cannot change'
What do these words mean?

I walked and talked with you today
The sun shone bright and the mountains spoke clear
The snow on the tops glistened as I watched, but
The river ran cold.


As I walked down life's pathway all alone
I met a friend called Jesus on the way
I asked Him to come into my heart and live within
And I would love Him, yes love Him, forevermore.

Terror, torture, memories,
Confusion, bad times, good times,
I cannot understand it.
I am loved but I feel hated,

Words and Questions
puzzle - by the lakeside
sister - mine?
Do you love me mummy?

I've had people who have asked me,
Why I wear a smile,
When they know my situation,
Is hard, oh yes so hard,

A beautiful baby girl
Beautiful locks of golden curls
Becomes a statistic
Of childhood sexual abuse.

Remember the stories inthe Bible,
How Jesus took the children on His knee,
The precious little vessels of innocence,
He loved them and said come unto Me.

A newly developed butterfly
Has just come out of the cocoon
It is sitting on a leaf drying

I sit and wonder and wait for
You, my friend.
Feeling compassion and excitement for
You, my friend.

I met a fifty six year old Persian man
We had many wonderful hours of talking together
On going our separate ways,
He parted by saying, 'I love you'.

There was a time when
You asked for my heart
Reluctantly I gave it and
You crushed my soul.

She is a woman, plagued day by day
Told many times over
It's because of your weight.
But why are the pounds there


There are many times in life as I wonder,
And I feel God's protection ever near,
I will never forget the times He has warned me,
So gently, never alraming, He is love.

When spring comes to us,
Scent of flowers in the air,
A tiny little rosebud,
A flower of God's design.

The water ripples over the stones
The horses neigh in the pasture field
The leaves twitter in the breeze
The sun shines through the branches.

Here I sit in the sunshine contemplating.
Soon a decision will have to be made.
I see the cross-road ahead
Coming closer and closer.

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I am a woman who loves life. Being raised on an ON farm gave me a perspective of creation, life and death. Enduring a chronic and potentially fatal childhood illness brought discipline and gratefulness. My husband teaches severely handicapped children and my two children teach music. I am a family therapist. As a mature student I graduated with a Doctorate in Counselling at the age of 48. Music, writing, poetry, gardening, helping others and my faith in God create my purpose,)

The Best Poem Of Eva L. Shaw

Am I Dreaming

When I first saw you
All I could do was giggle
Is this for real, or a dream?
Does the colour beige mean anything?
Does the smile?
What about the walk and
How about the sunshine?
Conversation, no words were enough
Is this for real? Then,
Life made a call
A plan had been made
That could not be changed
Is this for real?
The return and connection
Stronger than before
All became a reality
With flowers at my door.
Arms wide open
Sweetness to behold
Gentleness so timely
Quiet love at my door.
Love so amazing
Love so very strong
Is this for real? For,
If it is a dream, I
Wish to never wake up.
No, it is true, yes it is true
Love in its best kind
Happened that day!

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