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Hidden Love

You are my hidden love,
The pea to my pod,
The line to my graph,
The match to my fire.

Unknown to many,
Including you,
I sit sidelined,
Waiting to tell you.

I'm so afraid to tell you,
For what would you think?
For what would you say?

Will it ruin the relationship,
Will it make our encounters strange,
Day by day
I wonder the same outcomes.

It could be wonderful,
Life would go on
The weight off my shoulders.

It could be horrible,
Life would go on
A strange barrier between us.

A hidden ...

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Dadde Says

Dadde says I need to grow up,
Dadde says I need to be tuffer.

Momme says dadde is rong,
Momme says I shuld take my own pase.

Dadde says it is a meen wurld,
Dadde says beeng touff will help.