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Dark cloud…
Storm of thunder,
Rage of power all,
Over the land it will come over,


Corpses of long missed fathers, sons.
The grass and flowers permanatly stanied with blood and smell of what happened.
Tears of mouring mothers and sisters
for the loved ones lost.

As the Sun kisses the Moon goodnight,

The moon shines brightly for all lovers at mid-night,

Brain can't take much of this isalation...
Instead, I waste away before my familey.

Mouth wanting for the moment in which I can once again converse...

Sad little drummer boy
thinking to himself
'Why did have mommy die
Why does dady seem so sly'

Look at them busey bees,
working for mother hive.

I sit here a waiting wasp,

This is not a courtroom
Instead of a jury,
There are armies.
Instead of words,

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Dark Cloud

Dark cloud…
Storm of thunder,
Rage of power all,
Over the land it will come over,
You shall remember for years to come,
You definite humans brought this on yourselves,
Human you should have obeyed them now we’re going to find you out’
With this horrid storm it might kill the innocent,
But then again who really is innocent?
Humans’ are all just sin filled despicable humans,
Disgusting beings,
But YOU are the one who put this plan in throw too action,
They were just going to forget about thus’ past action
But you had too you just had to,
Filthy disgusting human you do not deserve your pathetic mortal life…
So I say to you now, give; give your soul to me.
Let the hunt seize
Would you
Would give your soul unto me so theirs may have their continuation
For now…

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