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read this and fine peace like that in poetry

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The Best Poem Of Ezediuno Louis Odinakaose

Thirteen Years Gone.

Thirteen years gone
But still in my heart,
New like tomorrow,
Sour like the hurt of a stolen kiss,
Dark, like shadows of loneliness.
I recall...
I remember...
I still feel... I know
Everyday the presence of your absence,
I endure the weight
Of the emptiness you left behind,
Thirteen years but still...
Even now still
I, in the silence of every breath
Pray, even if...
Just for a few minutes with you...
I never got the chance to say.
I never got the chance to say I love you.
I never got the chance to show how much I really cared.
I never hoped to say I miss you so much.
I never thought...
I never thought it'll be this soon.
I never knew one can miss one forever.
So much we could have said to each other,
An eternity of things we would have done.
You dreamt for me
And I loved every one,
Though time and fate
Have changed my race
But still I wish.
Still I wish you could see me now.
Can you hear me now...
Where you are?
Many things happened
You never saw,
Good things,
Bad things,
Things... If you where, it would have been...
They say I took after you.
You must have rubbed on me.
We were close...
If you remember.
So close.
I could go on and on.
If you can hear me now...
I miss you... Dad.
We'll see in time,
Keep my space near God dad,
Cos I know you are with him.
Dedicated to my dear dad
Eng Felix Chukwuma Ezediuno (HFC) .
Who past on on 24th of January 1999.

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