Clouds gathered deciding when to fall
Its been months they have chosed to stall
Folks below waited for a lucky share
If for their luck the meeting is fair

Two roads start in a green wood
God and men long they stood
Men were given a choice to make
A choice of path for them to take

Yellow Candle flames
A rosy birthday cake
smiles and amusement
Contentment and delight

I'm out again
Trying to catch time
She's been eluding me
If only we can be together, advancing elbow to elbow

I've flattered the people who never loved me
And ignored the countenance of those who loved me
Only had i followed the art
I wouldn't have to play this part

Distress in the graying grasses
Soulful Screams of severred lilies
Flapping wings of wounded quails
Wholly adorned in man's brutality

O' thou awful spirit of woes
Accuser of sins and maker of throes
Thou art foul in name and form
Thou art the devil


Dawn's creeping
And the sun with it
An owl from a distance hoots an awakening call- her morning symphony
Clouds swirl and twirl and the wind blows in slow haste-a promise to rain milk and honey

I have not the wizardry
To ink wisdom as of a sage
I have not the subtle wit
To weave a story false and true

What crowd! The orchestra of Heaven
Music of the seraphim
What worship! deep and true
To God enthroned, these glorious hymns

Should we this day not dance
But stare in woeful trance?
Should we yield to the lonely chill
And let sorrow whistle at will?

In the noon of that same day
I saw an old man cry
His sobs bemoan regret
He is heartbroken

Across the borderline
Stands rooted the living vine
From then to now the fruits it bears
Sweet and juicy in clusters and pairs

Let the outside
Match the inside
Don't cover the dark liner
It doest not make you finer

Once in a while
let's be kids
let's vacate the adult jungle
and visit the children fair

We accepted that we are in college
Like berries in cluster we gathered
Round and round - a myriad of learners
A bearded professor; deluded by his erudition, gave a speech

We have being lovers of ourselves
Before the accuser came
His mouth a deep gorge
Lies flawed his speech

Divine words of beautiful lines
Lovely pages of holy fonts
Most comely of all texts
Plenty piles of infinite mysteries

A new dawn is here
Behold the brightest morning of the year
Peaceful scent from the flowers bloom
Robbed me of all my stinging gloom


God And God's People

Clouds gathered deciding when to fall
Its been months they have chosed to stall
Folks below waited for a lucky share
If for their luck the meeting is fair

Rainful clouds in a celestial chase
Flaunt a blissful life of their own
wind's rythmic whistle rise
Tuned by the natives' joyful cries
The sky have gathered all its beauties
An impeccable reason for a moonlight dance

The fair was set for the moonlight dance
The dance was danced but the morning broke in a woeful trance
Clouds that have gathered dispersed to burrow
Besetting expectant hearts with mournful sorrow

it was at the end of yesteryear
Hoes where summoned to root the farmlands
The busy sky offered not small hope
But the clouds in deceit refused a shower

The earth fatally bruised
Food trees angered into barreness
Stands ghostly like the skeleton of an ancient statue
Starving stomachs suffered the empty foodbowls a blameful stare
Children spelling woes from their parents' eyes
Sang a Songlike cry in responds to the pangs of hunger
Their cries rose in height than the tower of babel
speaking to the heavens more in innocence than the blood of abel
Parents longing for a greenish sphere
Pleaded with the good eye of heaven
To shed down its tears

'O' the heavens up above the sky so high
Bear in sympathy thy people's plight
Send down rain
Send us grain'

Voices where tense
And the prayer was so said
And the heavens thundered
As rains came not later



They are but co-actors in the drama of folly, they that laugh at a fool.

'Oh that my head were waters' 'Rivers run down my eyes' A pool for the souls in taverns Precious souls trap in pleasure bars None yell for rescue 'Oh! they perish, they perish! '

Start alone in your small circle, and if you are faithful and strong, you will never end alone in a small circle.

'We will get there.' Surely, we will get there. The future knows that we are coming. It also knows that some of us are playing dirty along the way.



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