1. Kallu's Delivery 4/29/2015
2. Indian Singh 4/29/2015
3. Beyond Memory 5/14/2015
4. Holidaying In Chimney Woods 7/8/2015
5. Legacy 8/29/2015
6. Umbrella Stones 8/29/2015
7. A Monsoon Wedding 11/25/2015
8. Chapatti 10/16/2016
9. My Guest From Finland 12/10/2016
10. Living Room 12/10/2016
11. Sali 2/10/2017
12. Saya's Sneezing 2/10/2017
13. Dandruff 2/10/2017
14. A Red Dragonfly 2/10/2017
15. Just One Touch... 7/13/2011
16. Elephant Fort 7/14/2011
17. Gentle Lady Looking Back 7/26/2011
18. Nimisha (Poetrysoup International Contest Winner) 8/26/2011
19. My Dad's Spectacles 10/6/2011
20. The Holy Book 10/22/2011
21. A Lunatic Lady 2/20/2012
22. Life In A Liquor Bottle 12/14/2014
23. A Girl Who Sells Peanuts 12/10/2011
Best Poem of FABIYAS M V

A Girl Who Sells Peanuts

She floats on the saffron shore
holding a bamboo basket.
Her heart beats
within the shelter
of peanut shells.

Toys and text books,
picnics and pamperings;
all collided on a wall,
but death dropped her
to be tossed.

The girl in a dirty frock –
she sells parched peanuts
for coins and eye-pricks.
‘Peanuts’, ‘Peanuts’ – her
withered call haunts
her parents in the grave.
Her pale figure walks away
with Time Teacher.

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Elephant Fort

Black beauties in chains-
Before the ticket counters,
A long queue does creep
To scatter near black wonders.

Ears and tails always move,
Ruminating rhythms of forest.
Elephants are inside the fort,
Exposed to the sky barest.

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