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You kiss my tear
And stamp my existence

I kiss you and melt

Just now I understand the old illusion
Since I lived in the coenobium of my egos
With you my soul is easier
With you is even different

I have polished the eyes of suffered child
Removing steamy layers of his vision
To see a sparkling teeth while I smile
And my soul’s dormant and well hidden planet of hate

They have tailored two spirit measures
To layer on the body we drive

The peak of pain and scream

Your soft heel while steping rainbow color threshold
Where life salutes death
With wet kiss of a wide cosmic sea taste you great me

I'm the flower sweetest among flowers
Protected by snakes on a Plexus Solaris
As a treasure of wisdom dormant
That opens from within

Again leaving is telling me
Thunder as melodeon
Quiver of veins and bones
While I come to Thy meeting embarrassedly hide

Fahredin Shehu Biography

Born in Rahovec, South East of Kosova, in 1972. Graduated at Prishtina University, Oriental Studies follows M.A. in Literature. Actively works on Calligraphy discovering new mediums and techniques for this specific for of plastic art.)

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You kiss my tear
And stamp my existence

I kiss you and melt
In God’s essence

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Fahredin Shehu 25 May 2009

These are the poems from the selection 'Dismantle of Hate' Have a nice reading Fahredin Shehu

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