Edward Kofi Louis Fantasy Poems

The World Of Fantasy

In the world of fantasy with your muse,
In the world of fantasy with your love,
But try to learn fromthe right things always by following the laws;
And like the muse of joy in the land of peace.

Daily Fantasy

Fan, fun!
Daily fantasy,
Not to ban the truth,
Rather with the works of peace and love than,

Your Own Fantasy

Illegal lust,
Seeking after your own fantasy than the truth;
To run! !
But, you cannot hide from the truth.

Fantasy Land!

Fantasy land!
With my life to know you;
But, listen to me and,
Let me talk to you always.

My Childhood Fantasy

The Ichthyosaurus became the Dolpin and the Plesiosaurus became the Penguin,
The Kronosaurus became the Turtle and the Nodosaurus became the Tortoise,
The Mosasaurus became the Alligator and the Euoplocephalus became the Crocodile,
The Archaeopteryx became the Parrot and the Quetzacoatlus became the Pelican,


Oh my sleeping beauty,
Your love is so sweet tonight;
For you've taken me to the moon and to the stars!
And i will never forget this night.

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