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'I will kill you like a snake',
'I will roast you like a chicken',
'I will fry you like a plantain',
So roll, roll, roll your boat when,

Dance, dance!
With the muse of Africa;
Tap, tap!
With the rhythm of Africa;

Full of nature;
The colours of nature,
The colours of love,

10 steps to heaven are like the '10 Commandments'!
But look around and see the truth;
Are we really keeping the laws? ! !
Then, we need to rethink to follow these steps.


Rain from the clouds!
Watering the earth,
Watering the plants,
Satisfying mankind on earth;

You are controlled by the beat and bridle,
And you are dark and slippery!
However, praise is comely for the upright.

Any, anybody!
Of the Red Rose and the White Rose;
Walks of life,


Valley of hope!
Understanding life! !
Lost lives! ! ! ! !
Coronavirus is the key;

A poet's page,
A poet's age,
With the passage of time;
Going along with your luggage,

Dimensions of love and life along the lines of righteous morals! ! !
Respecting all the rules along the line! Respecting all mankind without racism.

The voice of hope to the call of nature,
Come closer to me and feel my love;
Oh mankind! Arise to a call.
Love one another to make the world go round,

Respect yourself and reflect on yourself for 50 years ago!
So, being backwards 50 years ago in time;
Then you can say about those days in time,
But today, you can also tell me the difference!!

Every heart loves me like the singing birds and,
Deep down in my heart i am with them all like the sea of love;
With words of the muse that muses with my mind but,
Ashes are made up of mankind when we have to return home.

Chains of life on me! ! !
Gains lost to the wind;
Birds free to fly but, i cannot flly!
In pains i do walk,

Enter into the world so sweet with your muse!
Dreams of love and life along the line,
With your choice and your voice to the world! !
Able to share and care for others without racism;

A special dish with the fish!


Edward Kofi Louis Biography

I am a Ball-Point Pen-Artist (the INNOVATOR of PEN-PAINTING GRAPHICS ABSTRACTS) , a Mathematician and a POET.I love to imagine a lot; and, i love INNOVATIONS(and you can also go through some of my INNOVATIONS at www.ideaconnection.com) . From DREAMONTOLOGY to DONDOORLOGY, i have taken the HORSE-WALK act in many aspects of my life; and, i have more to give to mankind in the world of MATHEMATICS, ART, POETRY and INNOVATIONS. Read more of my poetry to get infused into my world of muses.)

The Best Poem Of Edward Kofi Louis

50 Cent

'I will kill you like a snake',
'I will roast you like a chicken',
'I will fry you like a plantain',
So roll, roll, roll your boat when,
You have a killer gun in your pocket.

I was born in the ghetto with,
The status of poverty without a fish in my hand;
I was taught in the ghettto with,
Much tears than hope;
I was brought up in the ghetto without the Statue of Liberty to salute!
So roll your boat with the gun in your pocket;
But, who is there to cover up your actions?

I was taught in a mud-house without slippers on my feet!
And, that's the kind of society i cam from;
I had my education on the streets with,
Fights, hunger and starvation to crown the day! !
But, your killer gun in your pocket will give you up one day.

Taught by the streets,
Lived by the streets,
Learned by the streets,
Loved by the streets,
Hated by the streets,
And, many of us married by the streets;
The cluster of a phobia into my maturity,
That is why i do not respect the gun in your pocket today.

Stealing and looting! !
With plans to make the next move,
And, as a human-being who lives on 50 Cent a day.
Life in the ghetto,
With the status of poverty without a fish in my hand;
Life to me was just like the mountain of snakes,
So, just roll your boat with merry on your face.

Life's fair fountain that eluded me! !
With stealing and looting as the order of the day;
And of the plans to make it work.
I was just living on 50 Cent a day,
And, joy to me was like the roasting of a chicken;
Hope to me was like the killing of rabbits! !
Peace to me was like the frying of plantains;
And, of an excellent value for many of us when one dies,
But were still mulling to make a case like a courageous leader.

To live on 50 Cent a day in the ghetto! !
With the muse of the cluster of a phobia into my maturity;
Life in the ghetto,
Life on the run with the bullet train!
But at times, it was like the straw on a camel's back.
Life in the ghetto,
Like the golden cup whose shock aroused! !
When one equals to a temper of heroic hearts;
With the negatives to meet all day Long.
Life in the ghetto,
Like half-naked Young Lovers who called for help!
Life in the ghetto,
Like the peace of one's mind with questions to the moon;
But all along, i have managed to live on 50 Cent a day.

Edward Kofi Louis Comments

Soul Watcher 30 March 2016

I liked your Quotes, keep up!

13 10 Reply
Uzefa Rashida M.a 10 February 2016

great quotes by Edward Kofi Louis all inspiring and teaching what life expects from us.

11 11 Reply
M Asim Nehal 05 January 2016

EKL, is a wise man with kind and generous heart, his poems and comments are equally amazing. I wish him Good Luck and anticipate to see more thought provoking poems. Asim

9 11 Reply
Aarzoo Mehek 24 February 2016

A poet with a compassionate heart, All his poetry is all about, love, compassion, humanity and a fight to see this beautiful world live with peace and serenity. His work define humanity. I love reading his poetry filled with wisdom and reality. All my wishes and prayers for a hale and happy life. Keep writing as this world needs poets like you. Blessings my friend.

10 9 Reply
Raj Vikram 16 March 2016

Fabulous and prolific writer.... Hats off for your depth and spread........ You are are really an inspiration for beginners

10 9 Reply
Dr Dillip K Swain 17 January 2022

As per my keen observation, esteemed poet Edward Kofi Louis is a good human being besides being a delightful writer and a poet. Pray God to shower on you buckets and buckets of happiness and peace!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 17 January 2022

As per my keen observation, esteemed poet Edward Kofi Louis is a good human being besides being a delightful writer and a poet. Pray God to shower on you buckets and buckets of happiness and peace on you!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 June 2021

Congratulations, dear Edward being Poet Of The Day! .Hoorray! So happy to read this about you. Honoured by Poem Hunter and Teamj as The Poet Of The Day. God's Blessings be Greatest, Amen.

1 0 Reply
Kumarmani Mahakul 08 November 2020

Dear Edward, Congratulations for being achieved #153 rank on top 500 poets in the world as per the data base of Poem Hunter. Com on dt.8.11.2020. I wish you to enjoy happy life ever. May God bless you. Om Shanti.

2 1 Reply
Sylvia Frances Chan 08 November 2020

Edward Kofi Louis is a poet based upon Syalom and Peace and his Muse. A very friendly and humble personality, but honest in his creations. So amazing for him to have risen to the rank of #153 on top 500 poets Worldwide.. CONGRATULATIONS dear Edward with this ranking, ENJOY though for one day, but ENJOY! Perhaps it will be so for one week, who knows? #153 on top 500 poets. My two thumbs up! I've been to Accra, so very pity we've not met!

2 1 Reply

Edward Kofi Louis Quotes

Love is not a decision! It either hits you or, leaves you.

Cease the war and, ease your mind with righteousness than evil.

Love is the key of life; bringing us together.

The truth is like patent rights; guiding us with the muse of the laws of righteousness.

The lips of peace bring joy to all.

The mouth of the truth educates many.

War is the policy of the wicked; destroying everything with their works.

You are moving to and fro in life like, a grasshopper in the garden of love.

Life! The earth needs peace than war.

Love brings joy to the heart.

Letters of love bring joy to the hearts.

Half a loaf is better than none! But, the fool is never satisfied.

1 plus 1 equals to 1 when you go deep! For, the two shall be one flesh.

The fruits of love are better than the fruits of war!

The world is made of colours; and, the rainbow is a sign for us to live in unity.

The aroma of life and the flavour of love equals to the joy of the hearts!

One in love will never forget the date.

Yesterday is history; But, you can do enough today to gain your future.

Preach to reach out to the hearts and teach the truth.

Think with the muse of your ink when you write; for a foolish person always sink down before wisdom.

The ways of mankind is like the seller and the buyer.

Eat butter to utter out words of wisdom!

Buy pure honey with money for your health.

The tortoise moves very slowly but, it is wiser than a thief!

Stealing leads to hatred and war.

Illegal lust can lead you to early death.

The truth will never bring you shame.

The echoes of life is the echoe of the laws; so, choose righteousness and live.

The rich man has, but he is always sad. The poor man laughs a lot because, he has nothing.

Hustle and bustle! But, life is funny at times.

The tower of love is built on peace; with the muse of the truth as the foundation.

Satan wants his or her followers; so, he or she sets a trap to get you.

A prayer is a ray of hope.

Unity brings peace and, war destroys everything.

The motive of life is for peace; but, the wicked one will never rest from his or her negative acts!

The fragrance of love is the aroma of life; So, live in peace and help others.

Love without hate is like a delicious food.

Dinner for one only satisfies one person; but, dinner for two or more people satisfies many.

Helping others is the same as helping yourself; because, we need each other in this life.

Fish, dish! And to dine with wine.

Cooking is an art of the mind; but, eating is an act of the mouth.

Love is the sweetest thing in life; so, let us all seek for peace than war.

Life is very lovely and beautiful if you live in righteousness.

If you eat with Satan, eat with a long spoon!

Righteousness teaches the wise! But, the fool is not ready for correction.

Slow but sure! Like the way of the movement of the tortoise; aiming to reach your destination.

Free your mind with the truth in this life and, the rest will follow.

Free your mind with love and, let righteousness teach you.

Life is very lovely and peaceful under the muse of the truth.

The wicked one destroys the world with the weapons of war.

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Edward Kofi Louis Popularity

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