RoseAnn V. Shawiak Fantasy Poems

Environmen Of Fantasy

Situating my mind in an environment of fantasy when
delighting in figments of imagination.

Creating stories and situations with messages culminating

Fantasy's Tidal Wave

Listening to sounds of musical poetry within, fanciful
delights dancing in continuous motion, allowing freedom
of movement and choice.

Land Of Fantasy

Wandering through a land of fantasy, beginning to dream
of non-existent things, so I can create them from
conceptions within intellect.
Sallow looking now, but when I get remake them they will

Wonderland Of Fantasy

Performing in dim lighting, preferring to hide themselves and allow their voices to encompass our hearing.
Twin denizens floating in air, not landing beneath us.

Reality, Fantasy Or Illusion?

Is reality actually a fantasy or an illusion?

Are we developing it as we go through life, thinking
and inventing according to our whims or values?

Webs Of Fantasy

Watching dreams as they weave their webs of
fantasy tightly within this mind.

Carefully treading down avenues of imagination,

Sleeping In Fantasy

Gently rocking, tucking in thoughts, sweet dreams soon
to be forthcoming, silent and peaceful, life settleing
into it's depths.

Fantasy And Intellect

Settled into a position of relaxation this morning,
listening to a rock and roll band, playing their
rhythms loud and clear.

Silent Games Of Fantasy

Wind blowing, making me smile while watching nature
playing, loving it's pure innocence and mischievous-
ness, having a way of leading me into their silent
games of fantasy through imagination.

Just A Fantasy

Looking out the windows of my mind at what has transpired
in my life, seeing things for what they are in reality,
no illusions able to get past what I know deeply inside.

A Childhood Fantasy - A Reality

Remembering dogwood flowers blossoming upon the mountaintop
where we lived when just a child, cherry, mulberry, pear and
apple trees on our property ready to eat anytime we were hungry.

Loving Attention Received Through The Fantasy Of Music

Happy, struck with beats of rhythm as they vibrate and resonate
in everyone, watching the tension being dissolved in the passion
of musicians on stage.

Country - Western Fantasy Land

Talking, listening to members of Cold Front Band and many friends
from the late Wagon Yard of old.

All of us staying in touch and continuing to come together at

Vibrant Creative Fantasy

Solitarily settled into melodies and rhythms of a musically
creative life, living in dreams of harmony that cannot be
defeated for they are rooted in an imaginational reality.

Fantasy Of Truth

Lights flashing over strings of a guitar being strummed
by a musician who plays like a perfect rhythm of himself,
his guitar speaking what he wants it to.

Magical Fantasy

Energy building higher and higher, no one letting it
diminish, wanting only to have fun and dance, a truly
great way to make friends and meet people.

Calmly Imitating Fantasy

Crossing ravines in the desert of my soul, daring to go
to edges and look over, no fear at all, hoping in the
beauty that will soon touch sight in folds of life.

Fulfilling A Fantasy

Reality, settling into depths of a being, facing an uphill
battle filled with sacrifice and hardship, hoping to over-
come the hurdles constantly being placed in the way.

Living A Fantasy

Settling into the nature of my being, finding the
essence that cannot be taken from me interiorly.

Fantastic and enchanting, giving beauty an atmos-

Fantasy Of Moments

Lonely, solemn, wanting to soar into other dimensions with-
out another thought, energetically pursuing this journey
through intellect and imagination.

Planting In Fantasy

Ebony mahogany being seen through imagination,
collecting reflections through it's interior
universe where anything is possible.

Christmas Fantasy

Easing slowly into spirits of Christmas
and fantasy, watching children - faces
painted - balloons being requested and
blown up.

Withholding Fantasy

Throughout levels of participation we fume and fuss
when things don't turn out the way we want.
Recriminations banter within our mind's images,
never landing with any certainty on phases of truth

Created Fantasy

Corralling innermost sadness, trying to sort it out,
picturing the puzzle of it's imminent distraction,
touching this mind.

Rainbow's Fantasy

Rainbows glowing in my mind, reminding me of brightly
colored arches after rain storms sometimes.

Famous for the fantasy of the pot of gold at the end

Fantasy Comes

Lonely desire running deep within, looking only for a friend
who cares.

Saying nothing, silence reigns again, because no one has come

Flights Of Fantasy

Forgotten lilies opening their faces, spreading beauty
and joy to passers-by.
Dancing merrily in brown beds with roses in attendance.
Singing silently into the atmosphere, reaching the ears

Musical Fantasy

Technology hastens moods of happiness and joy with
it's broad knowledge of music and playing of it
when someone touches keyboards, black and white.

Journey Of Fantasy

Sliding into a mesmerizing place,
tracing evolutionary beats onto
places of interest.
Taking us on a journey into a

Avenues Of Fantasy

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