Life is a chance
Make use out of it
Life is beautiful
Admire it

My class is a funny class
When the teacher is not in
Our class is a circus
That will conquer the school

Open your eyes,
Get ready to start the day,
The day is for you,
Especially for you,

If you desire for the peace in the world
You must find the strength
It'll give you a greater power
To make the world a wonderful place

C: a chair you share
A: animals you care
R: rowdies you kick
I : ice cream you eat

All the people have their own walks of life
And in their lives they must have a special person
Someone that always be there by your side
They will support you no matter what happens

Holidays may be easy
Holidays may be lousy
Holidays may be simple
Holidays may be difficult

Once I slept
I dreamed
A meaningful one
An unforgettable one

What is a friend?
A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart,
and sings it back to you when you have forgotten the words
A single soul who keeps in touch with you

Goodbye my friend
For this is the end
Not for our friendship
But for me to go


Izaty is an intelligent girl
Fits her initial perfectly
Her mind is filled with knowledge and friendship
Which keeps me genius everyday

They are like candles
Who burns for our future
They are warriors
Who wear tabbards


Alya is an amazing girl
Fits her initial perfectly
Her heart is filled with love and loyalty
How can I ever get a friend like her?

Exam, Test, Go away
Come back another day
If I fail, I will be doomed
It will make me feel gloom

On a dark sky
Without a moonshine
Just stars glimmering
Like cornelians sewn to a black cloth


Where can I find it?
I've went around the world
Every empty space in every empty frames
Has no privacy

He was a star
A rockstar
He was Cat Stevens
A famous popstar

Tibanya hari yang dinanti-nanti
Seorang perwira pergi berbakti
Beliau pergi membawa harapan
Beliau kembali membawa kejayaan

I've always felt this way before
Unwanted and alone
There are sighs in my smile
There are tears in my laugh

The sun peeked from the cloud
and shine upon the summit of the hills
As I walked out of my house
To a place called nowhere

The Best Poem Of FARAH ALIAH

Life Is.....

Life is a chance
Make use out of it
Life is beautiful
Admire it
Life is happiness
Enjoy it
Life is a dream
Make it reality
Life is a challenge
Take it
Life is a responsibility
Do it
Life is a game
Play with it
Life is a promise
Keep it
Life is sadness
Overcome it
Life is a song
Sing it
Life is a tragedy
Face it
Life is an adventure
Go through it
Life is a luck
Take it
Life is so precious
Preserve it
Life is life


Mimi Fakhira 31 May 2009

Sarah Ally is my schoolmate as well as my friend. She has a nice singing voice and can write songs, too. Her poems are simple yet favourable, straight-forward yet nicely penned with creativeness. Have a happy day! ! ! Regards, MIMI

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