Faruk Buzhala

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Faruk Buzhala Biography

Avant-garde and controversial poet who so far has not won any significant literary award! Author of five books that he could not sell any copies and had to donate to charities! He is a provincialist who claims to be a world-renowned poet! Lives and works in his hometown waiting for visa liberalization to take place and to travel outside the borders of his state!

Faruk Buzhala Poems

Four - Leaf Clover

I carefully tread the meadows
looking at the ground
not to hurt the four-leaf clover

The Ending

'' Two thousand years ago ended the voyage of the prophets''

People are left
at the crossroads of life


Satan is gone
But among us has left
A lot of his bastards.

My House

My house is a hundred years old
The wounds of time appear on the walls
Even though I have tried to repair you.
You are as beautiful as a monument of the past,


The chain of time was broken,
the space was divided in half.

Faruk Buzhala Quotes

29 September 2021

With new shoes you can't hide old footsteps.

12 October 2021

I'm not jealous no, but I'm dying of jealousy.

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