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Punish Me

What Makes Me Me

What makes me me is it my hands or feet
Is it my nails of 2inchs what makes me me
Is it my smooth brown skin is it my sandy brown hair has long as a snakes body
what makes me me is it my beautiful hands writing

What Is Life

As I lie in my bed at night I wander what life is and I think about mine
to me my life is my heart beating and circulating blood for me to live
my lungs so I can breathe my mother and father to love and respect me to the point I desire
the world outside my house and school beautiful as the days long

Think You Are

Can And Cant

You can joke people
You can talk about people
You can pick on people and make them feel so low
Other than you can’t touch them all you do is talk about people


Why Do We Wander


Music music is happiness
A rap a beat a word a leaf
Falling from a soundless tree
a name of a thousand letter

Sister Are There

Sisters always got your back
There when you need a hand
Wicked at times and thoughtful at others
But always there with you and for you

Music Makes Me Me

I am music
I’m the flutter of a butterfly
The tapping of a pen
The typing of words

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