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ti pensa, ma non ti ama
ti coglie, ma non ti sceglie
ride, mentre ti uccide

As a burgers shooting cannon
In a mouse click.
Who will eat all this passion
In an eye blick?

It is not her,
But what I think
She were.

Hundred of children
Thousand of innocent
Hundred thousand of Red Skin
Millions of soldiers:

To your wedding I will come
As a gentle, polite man.

With the rain, or the Sun

Not to flee from my neighbor`s dog
Or from my wife's flying pot

Just to die and stop

Many poems I have read
With twenty words in a line
Fifty lines in a strophe.

What am I here for?
To read or to be read?
To share my genius,
Or to judge like Linus?

Ho incrociato la morte
occhi dolci e sospetti.
Ha teso le mani aperte
ma ormai era tardi.

The dream before it's gone
About one better word

I met a girl who was alone
She told mer her man was just gone.
I asked her if she would come
With me where other people are.

To be with her
It's like sitting on a bubble
Above all humans' hells
Above all mind's troubles

A jewel you were, sure
A boiling chips you are
And your foaming oil
Is burning my skin

I'll be unwriting
(unreasonably unsleep)
unabout my love
(unloved) .

What the hell
this ringing bell!
And it's already set
O'clock at seven!

I am on my chair
Watching boring football match
Drinking not cold beer

As a wreck
in a no men' sea
there is not so much to do
but, at least you got a shape

someone may find
that little drop
to water our soul

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I'm not so good in English to write lines in that language. But I find very 'usefull' English because it is easier for singing than Italian; I mean, usually words are shorter and with more vowels. Some poems I found here has been played as a song. So if I voted or add your poems to my 'gold' list, probably there is a little song now floating behind your rhymes... Have fun! Ciao!)

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Ana Banana

ti pensa, ma non ti ama
ti coglie, ma non ti sceglie
ride, mentre ti uccide

A. B. thinks about u
but she does not love u
she takes u
but she does not choose u
she luaghs
while she kills u)

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