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A painting of a violin
should be a violin itself
for light to play it's gone.
Within yourself you paint a violin that's gone,

North Atlantic

What I will not forget
is blows resounding on the bow
of the Atlantic liner 'Stockholm'
going westward to the open ocean

Written In A Steady Light

I may have tried to understand the wind
as if it told me something in particular,
but suddenly I find it tedious, in vain,
the way it comes and goes, and always is the same.

For The Sake Of Freedom

Staying to find what's new to life
makes me begin right where I stand.
There I see birds coming to the sea
as if exchanging views


Neither day without the sun
nor night without the stars,
neither country without town
nor citizen without the law

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Dead Angel 19 March 2007

Hi fini surprised to see another fini Have a gr8 writing

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