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Espresso high on his proposal,

The quiet room

You wince under the waits' added load.
Squashed seating arrangements anticipate

Internet dating

At first my ‘best side' photo is mobbed by men
so feel like Scarlett O'Hara at a ball,

Day Tripper


Thirty silent clocks;
estate of an elderly man

Not as young as they feel

After gourmet sex,
they entwine like twins in a womb.

Inherited friend

News of mother's death reached her friend
like the last sensation of a local Marilyn.


Illuminated photographs of lilies
invite us to drown our sorrows.



You suggest a walk beside a bad tempered Aegean.
Heads down we dive like bride and groom

Post dated appointment

Family Portrait

This old carrier contains the remains

Reflex Action

Mannequin thin, she studies the menu outside,
you ruche your top over a proved stomach,

The Reluctant Bride and Groom

He waited all summer for some other glittering girl
to catch his mate's attention,

When a sex symbol takes to sensible shoes

Suddenly across the store, through a middle aged

‘'White Christmas''

When the Christmas Eve snow silenced the traffic
that screamed through our village,

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Espresso high on his proposal,
no thoughts of a ring until on the Ponte Vecchio
amidst the blaze of bling,
his disappointment at the Medici price tags.
Time was I could have let you loose with my credit card.
You had sworn off real jewellery anyway,
after watching mother milk men for sapphires, diamonds …
Found yourself drawn to modest silver and faux-pearl
Your friends will think I'm a cheapskate
But this ring would always mean;
hot chocolate he stood a spoon up in,
your OMG at the scale of ‘David'.
the Duomo photo-bombing every view.

Designer bags raised friends' expectations,
your extended hand met with a pause,
‘It's very you', ‘How unusual'
the backstory beginning to sound an excuse.
Handling his heart like cutting a precious gem
you obtain his blessing to buy something glittery,
a We'll see to your paying for it yourself.
He sacrifices the meet at Sandown to ring shop,
but you soon find emeralds don't come cheap,
In the 11th hour jewellers, I'd forgotten about this one,
two diamond body guards flanking a superstar stone,
old stock at pre- gold rush prices,
knocked into your price range
by his cheeky chappy How much for cash?
In the car you take it from its conker casing,
you and the ring both off the shelf now.

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