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she looks like
she just came
off a three day binge

line of sight was unobstructed
our eyes flicker
communicating through
years of practice

found a love
her name


smoke constantly
to pass time
in this bubble

i am scared of commitment
of choosing a path
of staying a course

I am not a poet.
Just witness to this misplaced empathy of Our generation.
A tragic inability to identify with others.
A societal alien.

i want a girl that plays the violin, man.
oh, so well, won’t you know?
she drives the crowd absolutely mad
but she’s only playing for me, won’t you know?

right now
as they drink,
sweat and eye their
potentially profitable prospects

i think
i'm afraid of sleep
because it brings
tomorrow on

some days
i throw my
phone away.

you are no book
i can read with ease
like i developed
over night some

and through out
this life
a million people
may pass

sitting in a car at a park
a comfortable seat for
a comfortable scene.


is safety
is naked

nice weather
interesting people
a job to get by
a way to get high

let's go to the
and slowly decay
they joke

in the land of excess

man who

the beginning of
a new semester
all of you look
so happy

two slices
bread with

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it is what it is. my heroes: popeye frank zappa and mike campbell.)

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A Seashell For Your Hair

she looks like
she just came
off a three day binge
some nice cruise
never bothering
to wash the
ocean away.

that dazed
but satisfied look
pleased with all
that crosses her path

she does not take part
in my sorts of abuse.

she will share the space
with devils and spirits,
but kindly refuse.

a simple girl with
outrageous beauty.

what is it that she knows?
where is that spot
deep inside?
that spot where she
stashes strength?

does it even matter
with lips like that?

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Floyd Crenshaw Popularity

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