RoseAnn V. Shawiak Forgiveness Poems

Precious Moments Of Forgiveness

Traveling through time, this life intensely living every moment fully, not wasting any because each of them is precious and needs to be touched by a photographic screen.

Preserving them forever, wishing and hoping in depths of belief and forgiveness, noticing everything, especially in nature.

Space For Forgiveness? ?

Sometimes a person hurts you through and through,
not leaving any space for forgiveness because
lasting nightmares never go away.

Tunnels Of Forgiveness And Compassion

Jumping rhythms taking us into tunnels of forgiveness
and compassion, hoping to establish mementos of a new
wonderful life.

Patterns Of Forgiveness

Seasons come and go, leaving memories of hereditary
reminders on waysides of living.
Gathering decisions like wild flowers in bouquets of

Holding Forgiveness Within

Relaxing in each other's arms,
dancing across the floor in agile motion.
Holding a forgiveness within, of all that
was done wrong in our lives.

Plains Of Forgiveness

Echoes of yesterday are filling this heart with
livid emotions and feelings of heartfelt beauty.

Sandwiched beyond rainbows in stormy rain drops,

Nature's Forgiveness

So perfectly, soundly, life continues to enjoy
my company as I sit and write.
Totally forgiving of all my faults and mistakes
as I bask in nature's forgiveness spiritually.

Silent Relief Of Forgiveness

Hurting tears apart hearts of fragile gentleness.
Binding life through the passage of it's gates is
irreversibly tender - aching - always.
On the verge of captivity, awaiting the silent

Individual Forgiveness

Forgiveness is in the hands of individual hearts,
sometimes being given, more often not.

Feelings hurt, tears falling, staining self-esteem,

Forgiveness In Rhythm

Listening to artistic graces always penetrating this being
with their innate talent and gifts.

Softly tuned tenor voices serenading quietly into a genuine

No Opening To Forgiveness

Searching for palatable thoughts to ingest through writing.
Touching the beauty of my soul, watching it's rhythm sway
in time with music.
Blood of abandonment flowing out - unstoppable - hurting me

Forging Forgiveness

Frolicking in avenues of distaste, carrying on without reserve.
Fulfilling every sensation with an incredible movement of research
as synapses trigger and open up to let new ideas filter in.

Antique Forgiveness

Livid lines of experience corner me at every turn, expecting wonderful oracles to develop and expand concentration into realms of extra-sensory dimensions - exceptional byways of interaction.
Many causes of boredom melt away as music plays my mind and takes me on journeys.
Telling tales of beautiful, tactful adages of interior thoughtful memories set in stones of antique forgiveness.

Instruments Of Forgiveness

Creating pockets of interpretation in crevices of my mind, taking me along the universe's outstanding avenues of intellect.
All motions in rhythm are filling and emptying me with an exercise of energy for my spirit's soul.
Exciting sounds taking me for a ride as I elicit patterns and designs of creativity, to be seen from above and used as instruments of forgiveness through parallels of logical conclusions.

Asking Forgiveness

Waiting For Forgiveness

Saturated in melodies, fraught with memories, intensifying feelings, covering my mind with mild, heart-rending thoughts.
Forgiveness sitting always on the side, waiting to be introduced into conversations where anger and despair had been dwelling.
A simple word held with great esteem in thought, yet seldom used.
A shame because our world would be so much better off if it were spoken whenever harsh words were thrown around.

Levels Of Forgiveness

Whether you are near or far we are close together in mind and heart.
Our virtues mingle and combine, radiating the beauty of God we hold within.
Lighting up the world around us with purpose and disciplined faith, taking in stride the apoplexy of sudden strife.
Building upon the stairway to heaven, levels of forgiveness.

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