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1. 'The Man Who Ate The Snake' 2/20/2013
2. 'Be Strong' 2/20/2013
3. 'I Know Something You Don'T' 2/20/2013
4. 'Sleepless' 2/20/2013
5. 'Chew' 2/20/2013
6. 'A Life Alone' 2/20/2013
7. 'Think...' 2/20/2013
8. 'A Void' 2/20/2013
9. 'Goodnight' 2/20/2013
10. 'Re-Cognition' 2/20/2013
11. 'Create A Way To Create' 2/20/2013
12. 'Assiduous' 2/20/2013
13. '8' 3/6/2013
14. 'Convolution' 3/12/2013

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Best Poem of Forrest Barden

'Be Strong'

I'm not lost,
So please dont come looking for me...
I am gone.
I'm in a place not warm
Or cold, not hot or freezing,
And I'm not upset.
I am alone,
But I am not lonely, I am not wanting;
Bound by freedom.
Please forget me;
I am nobody, I am nothing,
And do not wish to be.
I am numb,
And I can see for the first time
What it means to feel.
There is a place
without heartache, without sorrow, without pain...
I have made a home there.
I know what it means to die,
And finally I
Can be alive.
Don't mourn for me,
There is ...

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