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Life Is Shit

Life is shit and so am I
I am over it and this is why

I am tired and worn

A Life

The story of my life
Is more then I like to share
So many secrets
It may look like I don’t care

A Cry

Help me please I need it I am hurting quite a bit.
My broken heart is crying my wounded soul is dieing.
Razor blade it chases me, it will not let me be.
He tells me I’m not worth a thing with an evil ring.

Razor Blade

Oh sweet shiny razor blade with u my pain begins to fade
I love to feel your cold sharp edge on which my life does wedge
Oh to feel u on my skin can’t wait for u to begin
On you I so much rely I hold u tight when I cry

Growing Up

What do you do when it all feels so strange?
Growing up so soon and fast in this world to change
I am not a child any more way beyond that now
Feeling like an adult but I am not quite somehow

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Corey Turnbull 25 July 2008

hayy foxii, how r u bubz? he he i gots my poem profile up :) iv been reading some of your's an they r awsum hun, love you x x x

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Leah Dsouza 17 January 2008

A really good piece! ! A pleasure to read yours and thanks for your comments.. HUGS AND KISSES LEAH

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yes i love poetry an poetry is my life its wat i think an who i am i live with my pen in hand i started to write when i was bout 13 but got more into it when i was 14 as that was the first year i went to scool, annd that was hard that accounts for all my bad an suicidel poems but since then i hav come far an now write both good and bad and ha ...

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