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Frances Ayers Poems

1. Grief Has No Hold 10/29/2011
2. The Eternal Artist(For My Brother Patrick) 10/29/2011
3. Reigning In The Shadows 10/29/2011
4. As The Night Descends 10/29/2011
5. No More Tears Have Fallen From My Eyes 10/29/2011
6. A Patient Time 10/29/2011
7. Fantasy Man 10/29/2011
8. Time 10/29/2011
9. Moving On From Mourning 8/20/2009
10. Color Of The Earth 8/20/2009
11. From Sorrow To Acceptance 8/20/2009
12. Unseen Presence 8/20/2009
13. That First Christmas Eve 10/29/2011
14. Stalker Of The Night 10/29/2011
15. The Misanthropic Vamp 10/29/2011
16. A Simple Prayer 10/29/2011
17. Dream Man 10/29/2011
18. Soul Speak 10/29/2011
19. Ordinary Moments 10/29/2011
20. Forget The Hearts And Flowers 10/29/2011
21. A Litany Of Thanks 10/29/2011
22. The Treasure Of Autumn 10/29/2011
23. The Anniversary 10/29/2011
24. The Dance 10/29/2011
25. Minstrel Of The Muse 10/29/2011
26. The Writers' Muse 10/29/2011
27. The Souls'Joy 10/31/2011
28. The Souls'Lament-A Senryu Chain 10/31/2011
29. Shadows-A Cinquain 10/31/2011
30. Wisdom 10/31/2011
31. Love 10/31/2011
32. Patience 10/31/2011
33. Earth And Sky 10/31/2011
34. With Thanks And Love 10/31/2011
35. In Memory Of 10/31/2011
36. Heaven Senryu 10/31/2011
37. The Sea's Lover 10/31/2011
38. Youth Slain On The Battlefield 10/31/2011
39. Rattling Of Mother Earth 10/31/2011
40. Freedom's Fire(A Sonnet) In Memory Of Dr King, And In Tribute To President Obama 5/13/2013

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Best Poem of Frances Ayers

A Children's Heaven(In Memory Of The Children Killed At Sandy Hook)

Heaven's gates swing wide open
Revealing lush gardens and paths
As a throng of wide eyed innocent
Children run pass the check in desk

Dozens of clouds go passing by
With cherubs tolead the way
A place without tears and pain
Our precious master with open arms

Sits upon a golden cloud with
Gentle voice and loving smile
Greets each and every precious child
Dressed in gowns of finest silk

Each with memories from distant earth
A mothers kiss, a fathers smile
Happy times filled with endless laughs
Days too numerous, but none to last

Read the full of A Children's Heaven(In Memory Of The Children Killed At Sandy Hook)

Color Of The Earth

Beautiful color of the Earth, that I do love.
You strike my senses and fill my soul with glee.
Your vibrant hues fill the lovely sky above,
And bring out the autumn color of the trees.

Your pumpkin hues and copper shades fill the fields.
Desserts bright and Midwest skies stun our sight.
With glorius light that brightens and yields.
You warm me with your healing touch so bright.

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