Francis Hastings Charles Doyle Poems

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The Private Of The Buffs

LAST night, among his fellow roughs,
He jested, quaff'd, and swore;
A drunken private of the Buffs,
Who never look'd before.

The Return Of The Guards

JULY 9th, 1856.
YES, they return--but who return?
The many or the few?
Clothed with a name, in vain the same;

The Loss Of The Birkenhead

Right on our flank the crimson sun went down,
The deep sea rolled around in dark repose,
When, like the wild shriek from some captured town,

The Mameluke Charge

LET the Arab courser go
Headlong on the silent foe!
Their plumer may shine like mountain snow,
Like fire their iron tubes may glow,

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