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Francis Jammes Poems

1. Summer Of Roses 11/8/2012
2. In The Foliage 11/8/2012
3. The Farmer's Daughter 11/8/2012
4. Amsterdam 11/8/2012
5. By The Yawning Door 11/8/2012
6. There Are Days In June 11/8/2012
7. With Feet At The Fire 11/8/2012
8. The Old Village 11/8/2012
9. Love 11/8/2012
10. You Would Be Naked 11/8/2012
11. Madame De Warens 11/8/2012
12. The Fever 11/8/2012
13. I Love ... 11/8/2012
14. Prayer To Go To Paradise With The Asses 11/8/2012
15. The Forest Paths 11/8/2012
16. The Dead Child 11/8/2012
17. Do Not Console Me 11/8/2012
18. You Come When The Sun Sinks Low 11/8/2012
19. The Cricket's Song 11/8/2012
20. It Is Going To Snow 11/8/2012

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Best Poem of Francis Jammes

The Dead Child

A small house with a dog in front ...
O my love! Tonight, this rose is wet.
In the big park, by the rusty gate,
I walk with you in a timeless dream.

It drizzles outside; come here, come ... the wind
In the bay-trees sobs ... Oh! Don't be frightened!
Keep your little arms around my neck ...
Let us make our dead hearts living again.

Plunge with your soft eyes of dark violet
Into my sad and serious glance which reflects
My grief ... Hear my voice ... It is the death knell.

I lead her gently in her little dress,
The one I loved, my little dead ...

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By The Yawning Door

By the yawning door, thick and studded and painted in green,
I saw a square of light which fell
On a budding branch. And I made these verses
To fix the moment of a dream
As I sat at the table, eating beans
With the ghosts of my mother and my wife,
But that life with its long flame burned out long ago,
Leaving only a black and white, solitary lily
On the floor.

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